Who will win the aviation war?

Who do you think is going to win the aviation war this year between. To me, it looks like Airbus! And also according to some sources, Boeing is very upset about the Tariffs placed by President Trump on aluminium and steel and I feel this could really impact the final winner.

Anyway, what do you think?

  • Airbus
  • Boeing

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Let’s be honest here…

Boeing is Better
Boeing will Win


First of all, Airbus is better. 2nd of all Airbus will win.

Do we really need another Boeing vs Airbus topic? It always ends in a full scale war. Bombardier for the win 😏


I can see this thread going down hill so fast

I don’t have an opinion, because either one I choose I’ll be wrong. So I’ll choose Bombardier. Cause it’s not on the list.

Yeeessss but about a different thing!

Are you sure bombardier is gonna be making more money than Airbus or Boeing??

I’m.not saying that. I’m saying I’m trying to avoid a full scale war

Ok LOL, I’ll anyways close it soon haha

I think Airbus has a better position right now. Their investment in the Bombardier C-Series is a good example. They expand and use innovative technology.

Boeing has a political problem as well. President Trumps tariffs aren‘t helpful at all. Airbus has a assembly line in Europe and in the US. That’ll help them as well.

I don’t really get why Airbus isn’t developing and building a 757 Alternative though. The A321LR is a good plane. But it’s not really the product airlines are looking for. The Boeing 797 will fill that gap.


Ooh another topic worth of my banhammer. Congratulations, you have now TRIGGERED 80% of this forums members.


Airbus in the lead right now!!!

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