Who will be at Airventure 2017 in person?

I am curious who from our community will be attending EAA Airventure 2017 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin later this month. I plan on being there four days in total and it would be a blast to get together some IF pilots and chat or even fly. So much to do and see that week: Apollo astronauts and bomber week and night air shows, but I am willing to bet members of our community would be interested in our very own in-person “event”.

I would love to come but unfortunately I live 4,000 miles from Oshkosh…

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That is a valid excuse, for certain.

I’m going it’s only a couple hours away from me.


Oh - it would be sooo cool if I could go. Might watch a live stream if there is?


They usually have a livestream going on in the tower for a couple hours a day. Very interesting to watch.

I’ll send you a link if I find it.


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