Who was wrong here?

So long story cut short, i was N0185TB who had departed OMAA remaining in the pattern, after takeoff i was told to tune in Approach of which i did and the Approach ATC vectored me for a visual approach, after i had reported Airport in Sight, the Approach ATC cleared me for a visual approach after that he gave me tower frequency to tune in which i did. Now i didnt want to perform a touch and go as i had requested, so i let the ATC know am coming in for a full stop landing n i reported that am at right base RWY31R and coming in for a full stop, the response the ATC gave me was to check forum for tuturials. I dont what i did wrong cause the reason my position was to tell him am now coming in for a full stop landing cause when i asked for takeoff clearance i had asked as an aircraft remaining in the pattern but i now wanted a fuĺl instead of touch n go…please check the screenshots also to see what am talking about

This one is for when i was asking takeoff clearance


You had no requirement to report you were on base, you simply had to continue inbound and perform your landing.

You would have been cleared for the option, which is exactly that - you can execute the touch or come to a stop and exit the runway.


It’s great that you came here to check the forum!

Because you were handed off to approach, and they vectored you back in for a pattern, you should have called “inbound for landing on the visual for runway 31R”. Anytime you’re handed off from approach to tower, you should call inbound. Reporting your position is only appropriate when you’re on tower frequency the whole time.

That said, at IFATC we encourage controllers to keep aircraft in the pattern on tower frequency. So you shouldn’t necessarily have been told to contact approach in the first place.


Thanks a lot i now understand.

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Thanks for coming to the forum for clarification!