Who was this?

So this person was controlling ground and tower at KPSP on TS1 just shy of 3 hours ago. If anyone know who thelse person is, please have him/her pm me so I can give him/her a couple things to improve his/her controlling.


I had the same controller.

It’s TS1 Controller, He can’t find this controller unless the controller is an IFATC (Which can’t control in TS1)


IFATC can’t control TS1? I never knew that

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Are you sure you can? We have a amazing scout and trainer team to guve advice and suggestions.

Yeah I had an issue with this. Flew from KONT and got told to go around 3 times and when I was about 1000 feet they told me that they were not accepting arrivals. So I had to turn back to KONT

It was so annoying

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