Who was the first person on the forum? (Community Challenge)

@Mark_Denton ? Was he a mod?

I just checked. There are a couple users who joined before me, but really only very few are still active and even those who are only post every couple months or so.

Finally an achievement for my résumé!


He was a moderator before as he used to create tutorials in YouTube and taking part in the #support category before schyllberg did.


Ouch. I will keep searching RIP.

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I think it’s @Heavydriver.

We never see him now, I donk know why


nope … filler

I guess @TonleSap is the winner. May 3, 2015, and still around.

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Oh really. I didn’t know that! Yes, I think I joined before this community was publicized. I’m surprised that it’s been more than four years since I’m here! Also this marks my IF experience for more than 6 years… still remember when IF just came out for Android :)


Okay, joined May 9th.

Most of you are wrong and incorrect, it was @Nik. He was the first human that’s not the @system or moderator. Below is his post.

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Mark was Staff @Ecoops123
@Luke_King-kong he doesnt do IF anymore, he has gone off to focus on his photography more in life as you can find him on fb and he is posting all his aviation photos all the time.

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Actually, Marc is both right and correct.

Both of your mentioned users joined on the third ;)

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Well I’m talking about a post.

Continue in PM if you must. Was just pointing something out. Good day!

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Well the only thing I’m sure is that definitely isn’t me

Next topic:

’Community Challenge’ how many likes can I get on this post?


Not literally, but thanks 😂


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Absolutely not.


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