Who was the first person on the forum? (Community Challenge)

Let’s see who the first person not a moderator or staff was on the forum.


@system or Laura

If you mean first account, it’s @syetem. First person was Laura.

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Not a mod or staff

In that case I think it’s @Chatta290

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Perhaps @Marc

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It may be @Maxmustang ?..Wait no it’s not, butnomly by 20 days from Marc.

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Actually, I think you’re right.

Look at the “Joined” date.

@Marc is number one so far.

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Actually no. @Marc is number one as mentioned by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk look at the joined date.

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No, Marc joined May 10th 2015 while Chatta joined on the 26th

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@swang007 was a moderator, but now he isn’t active on the forum. :(. This doesn’t count though

@Mark_Denton ? Was he a mod?

I just checked. There are a couple users who joined before me, but really only very few are still active and even those who are only post every couple months or so.

Finally an achievement for my résumé!


He was a moderator before as he used to create tutorials in YouTube and taking part in the #support category before schyllberg did.


Ouch. I will keep searching RIP.

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I think it’s @Heavydriver.

We never see him now, I donk know why


nope … filler

I guess @TonleSap is the winner. May 3, 2015, and still around.

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Oh really. I didn’t know that! Yes, I think I joined before this community was publicized. I’m surprised that it’s been more than four years since I’m here! Also this marks my IF experience for more than 6 years… still remember when IF just came out for Android :)