Who was the controller on the tower at (KATL) -ATC-

i was running out of fuel, but i had no option, for an emergency!
I missed the runway and try again.

then happend this. The ATC was on and off all the time, and then i ask tower again and he/she ghosted me.

SO how to do this.

ATC connection fails, i call tower but it was the second time.
i want to upload my flight, i need help with this, because im so done with this game.

What happens if the ATC connection fails and why am I being ghosted?

@Anthonycolon51 was the one who ghosted you. Shoot them a PM and I am sure they will gladly explain to you the reason why you were ghosted.

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It looks like you got ghosted at KATL

the reason is on the photo. Spamming Frequency…

but the controller from Approach lost his connection. And then…

Look into my flight.

Just leave it to the DM between you and the controller. We don’t need to talk about this outside of the DM

Will continue via pm