Who was the Controller at VABB just now?

Please can someone please tell the controller who just hands off VABB just now. Thank you.

Was this on training or expert server?

Expert server…

My bad didn’t see you write VABB not VIDP, My apologies…

No one is currently operating VABB. I will ask around for you.

Is this regarding a ghosting concern?

Vabb was not featured today… Therefore no expert atc is at VABB

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But yes, VABB was open on Training server ,so I guess you were in TS :)

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Just landed there and there was a controller when I came in.

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Most likely the controller left right after you landed and typically on the TS they do not announce when they are leaving they just close the app. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask or just PM me.

He mentioned above that he was on Expert and on top of that, if I may say, that I actually saw VABB opened for a short while on Expert. I was even planing on doing to flight to Mumbai since I saw it opened but decided against it as it’s not featured and probably won’t be opened for long.

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It’s possible it is within today’s region, although typically we try to fill the featured airports first and also we have to stay open for at least an hour so maybe they caught there mistake and switched to a featured airport.

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Hello, I was at the airport on the expert server. I’ll try to find the controller for you. 🙂


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