Who was that at DCA?

Side note: this was in Expert Server.
I was just forced around at KDCA after executing the Potomac Approach at near perfection, albeit somewhat high. Reason being? Out of nowhere, a jetBlue A321 (JetBlue 1380) starts to cross my runway. I had announced that I was inbound and made myself visually there. Forced to go around, I begin my steep climb to retry the approach. This guy is trailing me, doing pattern work, I’m guessing. I hate to call out people, but as a lesson for everyone:

Y’all, please announce what you are doing and look out for other aircraft.


Interesting, I was just there maybe an hour ago. That stinks tho, some people just have to ruin the realism in Expert server.

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You can PM @moderators about this issue. Thanks

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Certainly is. I might have seen you going out of DCA, as there were a few 737s and 757s I passed on my way over! Landed without too much problems at -123 in the end, though.

Wow, great landing. I was JetBlue 89 and am now on my way to Chicago as AA2401. I had a -317 fpm landing 😬

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I think I do remember you! I was Delta 342 and was at 410 past Kansas. Accidentally deleted my replay file so I can’t exactly try and find ya. I’ll be doing some flying in a CRJ tonight in California.

Now that i think of it, I think I saw you at 32k passing by me at the same alt. Roughly 18 nm apart.

If it’s not serious, there’s really no purpose of contacting them unless the pilot in question was a clear and obvious troll, which in this case doesn’t seem to be the case. These issues can range in variety, an example being a pilot taxiing through you intentionally and with the intent of trolling.

@jsc.aviation, I understand it can be frustrating, but be the bigger pilot and set the example for the Expert Server.


41,000 for me. The lowest I got was 390 for a cruise altitude. I might have been descending as one of my waypoints had me at 320.

If you have no replay then how can you prove this actually happened? Now you certainly can’t contact the moderators…

Ahh ok, I think I saw that you were descending. The 19 Potomac approach is quite fun and can get a bit challenging when there are some bad winds.

Let’s not start this game again, shall we? I believe the OP has been given enough information, and if you’re not a moderator or the pilot involved, there should be no reason to question him further. Thank you.


It wasn’t too much of a deal, just upsetting. Plus, I could never find a IFC tag, just his callsign, so I don’t know how much I could do.