Who was in Paris?

Me, more precisely at the Paris Air Show

My 2nd ever business class flight, and I must say service on short-haul business is quite good at Air France.

We bought Trade Visitor badges for one day but simply wore them every day because they magically opened up many possibilities such as the one to visit the Tech Lion from inside.

The mighty A400M that also made cool flight display appearances.

By just talking to some Airbus guys and making “friends” with them we were able to get access to their chalets where you normally need an official invitation and also could go around e.g. the A350 and Eurofighters that were barred with fences otherwise. Inside the chalet I also saw a few CEOs which was quite interesting.

The A321XLR flight display was my favorite.

The 26th A220 of Air France was also there but sadly I couldnt get in as it was constantly being toured by customers.

Stunning livery, even though it seems too dark in front, as the cockpit window is sometimes not visible. The back is great though.

This guy made me deaf.

We also got the opportunity to invite ourselves into the Lilium mockup. It was great seeing Lilium at the air show as they are gonna be produced 5km from my home.
I also sat in the volocopter, but Lilium > Volocopter (Ik they are targetting different markets and are thus different sizes, but still)


Ah nice photos, I hope to go to one of these some time before im dead. Either Dubai one or Paris, I would probly go to the Paris one though

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glad you went for the shrimp lol


I initially mistook it for the reference to the Kanye West song LMAO


I think that was intended. But that is really the only true answer to the question realistically.

Nice shots! Glad to see some other IFC members went!

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ME TOO hahaa

Ya got me on this

When did you go and when can I expect ur awesome pictures?

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I honesty wasnt really asked but I didnt regret it

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Paris is very cool simply because its the largest. Dubai may be less crowded though which would be nice, since Paris was very crowded

I went on Monday, and you can see some pictures here:

Bourget Business Days at the SIAE - Real World Aviation / Spotting - Infinite Flight Community

nice pics 👌

That one Kanye West song

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I know who was in Paris… NINJAS

@TMAC are you sure the NIGERIAN PRESIDENT wasn’t in Paris?

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great point

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Those are quite the pictures… I should have also gone on more business days instead of public days (3/4). These were way too full and there were better displays and opportunities to visit aircraft on the business days.

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Thank you. The quality is kind of limited by me using a phone camera, but on some close rangs pictures the quality is quite good

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People are pushing it in the comments with this one

These are some great quality photos, by any chance, do you have pictures of the XLR demo?