Who wants to work for my airport in passenger app?

Hey @Jeremy_Jackson!

#General is for Infinite Flight related stuff only (In-game).

This is a Third party app, so it should be in #thirdparty.


Yes, you are correct, IF Passenger is #thirdparty app.

Hello, @Jeremy_Jackson
Can you explain little more details.

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ok got it. thanks

No, I am taking to @CR3W

So what do you need? A little context would be good. All i see is a photo.

Well i want to know if someone would like to work for my airline?

Content? Or Context? I’m confused.

Sorry lol typo

How that gonna work for another user can work for your IF Passenger Airline. But how you can have 2 users have same data and airline as yours. I don’t believe that IF Passenger can have more than 1 user to work together.

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