Who wants to go firefighting?

Since the DC-10 is currently flying the Woodbury Fire here in AZ, I thought it’d be fun to give anyone who wants to try, a lesson in aerial firefighting simulating the entire mission. If you’re so inclined, I’ll be heading up shortly using a TBM as the Lead Plane. Callsign will be L33. Below are the details:

Use the DC-10F 10 Tanker
Spawn at KIWA using Cargo 01 or Cargo 02 (Close enough to the tanker base)
Load 90,000 pounds of cargo and 58,000 pounds of fuel
Depart direct CNYON waypoint and climb to 8,000.
Within 7 miles of the waypoint reduce speed to 160 KIAS with Flaps 28
I’ll pick you up at CNYON. Follow me but don’t overrun me please!
Once arriving at CNYON, make a gentle left 360 whilst descending to 5,000.
Continue in the turn past 360 and plan on rolling out around 245.
The drop will be straight ahead. Now is the time to go flaps 35 and follow me in the descent until 200 ft AGL
I will give you a quick rudder wag showing you where to drop.
Upon completion, increase thrust for climb and reduce flaps to 28 until 5 miles from drop while not climbing above 7000 at 160 KIAS.
And “Go get me another!” (That’s the lingo for load and return.)

Like I said, I’ll be leaving IWA shortly (noon PDT) and proceeding to the fire on the Expert Server. I’ll be up for an hour and if no one shows up I’ll head back to base.


@RotorGuy Thoughts on this? 🤔

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We’ve made one drop so far.image


I’ll fly with ya because I’m living in Az and I’ve seen this plane

Hey Nate how are you doing

@Nate_Schneller I’d listen to him! He’s an actual aerial fire fighter! By the way how’s your season @146flyer? I just got back from a 15K acre one this morning. Finally saw a KMax in action on a fire!
Couple of Canadians and Fire bosses Were on the fire we were at


Slow start! I was out for 3 weeks and only flew one fire in California. We just sent a tanker to your neck of the woods. T-10 landed in Fairbanks last night. I head back out in 2 weeks with a trainee I’m upgrading to IA Captain so I’ll be sitting right seat and having no fun. ;-)


Sir I see you are a actual Ariel firefighter I want to personally thank you for your service

Thanks! If you want to see them up close or get a tour of them over at IWA, I can arrange that.


Awesome I would love that we could arrange it in a personal message

@146flyer yeah our fires are blowing up, making money!
Will you be in State this year? And congrats on the upgrade!

That’s us, bro!!! Thanks for instruction, today!! Let’s do it again!!!


This is great! Love to see people interested in aerial work on IF.

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Can we fly within a hour for a firefighting lesson

Can we fly the firefighting mission please

I’ll be home in an hour or so and can do it. I’m actually out at the tanker base talking to some crews.

If you are around later this afternoon I’ll go again. Sounds like there is more interest

@146flyer all I can say is thank you for your service and congratulations on promotion.

Thanks, but I do it because I love it and it means something. No promotion here though. I’ve been a Captain for years. Guess what I meant to say was I’m an instructor pilot and have to sit right seat when I’m training new Captains.

Going up for another sortie if anyone is interested.