Who wants to fly

Who wants to fly now from Aspen to Denver

I will fly with you

K see you there

Ugh, I just finished flying😂 Sorry can’t make it.

You coming I’m already waiting at the airport

On TS1. ✈️

can i come

Sure We can go right now

server? and plane?

TS1 and whatever I’m United 222 a 737-800

I’ll be waiting at Aspen

im in an dash as horizon 15 78
when i get in im going to file an IFR flight plan and you can copy mine

K I’m there right now

I’ll join along. I’ll be in an United Express Dash 8

i got an Flightplan ready
and when we are all ready lets pushback 1 at an time and taxi to 15

Alright, I’ll taxi first

not ready yet

you coming or not?

Oops… Taxied to wrong runway :(

So sorry wifi went out we can go now if you still want