Who wants to fly with me?

Hi i an bored so i thought someone meayby want to fly on trning server with me
Write your region and rout propositions


ill come on a flight with you pm me if you do :)

So meaby london region egss to egnx in 737 ryanair

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im up for that do you have a specific flight plan you want to take asin route?

I dont have flight plan but give me a minute

okie dokie pm me the flight plan. ill make a video for my youtube channel if you want?

If you want we can make video and here is my flight plan

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ok give me a few minutes to start the video and what gate are you going to be at and what exact 737 are you coming in?

Egss gate c43l

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ok wait there im coming and dont declare pushback until i do then you can pushback before me so then i can do the flight plan

Ok no problem

atl 14,000 260kts

I sugest fl180 and 275 knots

thats do that come back to the gate and we will pushback im ready

Sorry meaby tomorrow becaus i have to many network problems :(

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give a shout tomorrow bro :)

This might be a very unpopular view to some of you…but maybe before the next update…we need to setup a kindergarten server…

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