Who Wants to Fly with Me?

PM me for details. I’ll wait 30 mins.


Hey! I’m not available now but please avoid creating multiple topics to ask to fly. Thanks.

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Ok, sorry man

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what region?

Hi. I’ll fly. What region

Srry, but i allready started a flight :(

You can still provide him with information on the region you’re in, I’m sure he can pop by even if you’ve started

I’M DOING THIS AGAIN. I’ll Wait 30 mins. I’ll be at KSAN in B777-300ER (American Airlines) l. My display name is AlexTheA320Pilot

Pls put an “A” at the end of your display name to recognize you easier

I might. Depends on Cameron will he get my 3 month live+ before it.

Ok, I’ll wait

At 1720Z right?

What is 1720Z?

17:20 Zulu time.

Yep, right

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Sorry I meant 17:50 Zulu. In 20 minutes I think.

I can right now

Yes, my mistake too

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I can fly now

Ok. Do you want to wait for more people to join?