Who wants to fly into storm cristobal?

As many of you know tropical storm cristobal has made land fall in New Orleans bringing 50 mph winds, The reason I say this is because IF has real life weather so any people looking for a challenge try to land in christobal. I do hope to get a chance to fly there today. Take a look at AWC to get more info.

This belongs in #live:groupflights


Just changed it, I probably won’t be able to attend right now but I thought it would be pretty fun to challenge people.


KBIX metar, METAR: KBIX 071836Z AUTO 12024G35KT 2 3/4SM -RA BR BKN005 25/25 A2954 RMK AO2 VIS 1 3/8V2 3/4 VIS 2 RWY22 CIG 005V021 BKN V SCT SLP006

No, this does not belong in #live:groupflights.

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I thought that he was doing a flight in New Orleans with other people then he explained what he was actually doing.

Where should it go, not Real Life Aviation because it’s about flying into a hurrican on IF.

What do you mean by “what he was actually doing”?

#live is perfect :)

Have fun!

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I will be flying in a couple hours.

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My appologies. I will stop

The convective lookout in the area, the red is where the most challenging flying will be.

What airports are inthe red?

I know for sure KMSY, I will look it up and get back with you on an answer.

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Go to AWC you will see all the airports affected their.

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