Who wants to do some professional formation flying?

Looking for some people to.do some formation flying at kchs now on casual.

Hey! Sounds like a nice idea, I moved this to the correct category which is the #live:groupflights category could you please follow the requirements and maybe take a look at the other thread? Thanks so much.

A Guide To Creating Group Flights


Hi I was wondering if I could participate in this event it sounds really cool

Yea man at 10pm est tonight meet at kchs with KC-10tanker. Spawn by runway 3

Oh ok thank you but do you think you could move it just a little bit earlier because I have school tomorrow

Like what time?

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Maybe Is like 9:00 EST ok for you

Probably 915 or 920 I’m driving home.now

Oh ok that works good

Do you fly with realism and professional?

Hey guys, might want to make a PM instead.

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Oh ok sorry about that

Whoa, dude. Very unnecessary. There are children on this forum.

Yeah like me but he is my friend

PM would be the appropriate route in this case.