Who wants escort

i just escorted a event and now all are at cruise does anyone want escort or an airport/event for escort?

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That might be cool. Can you elaborate a bit more?

Basically i get a fighter jet and fly dangerously close on your left side of aircraft until you reach crusing alt

I could try that at the next FNF.

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Nooooo never try that at a FNF. At least not on expert. You WILL get ghosted.

I normally fly into the FNF airport so I would have an escort out of another airport on my way to the featured airport.

whats FNF? and the current people i am escorting they asked me and it was part of the event

Friday night flight. They feature an airport for a ton of people to go to and you don’t have to sign up. I fly to that airport and get an escort from the airport I am departing from.

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Please post this under #live:groupflights and follow the category guidelines.

ok, but someone needs to be ATC at KSEA. 70 arrivals

KSEA is featured tomorrow (which is why you see so many inbounds). I’m sure there’ll be active ATC when you arrive. :)

ok, thats good