Who wants an ERJ-145?

We should have a ERJ-145 in United, delta, American, and BMI regional


I’m pretty sure you need to be TL 2 to make feature requests.


Hello in order to post in #features you must be TL2, keep liking posting and keeping activity and you will be there in no time!



Welcome to the community. We appreciate your post today, but in order to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be trust level 2 (TL2).

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic.

Below is some information regarding trust levels and the how this forum works - we ask that you please take a look over and understand these posts. Don’t hesitate to message a moderator if you have any questions. Thanks!


Please do see this topic before requesting for something as well…

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Go vote for it here😉

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You are only TL1 right now, please wait until you reach TL2 to post in the #real-world-aviation #features categories. Just like and comment and you will be there in no time. Just remain active in the community.