Who Wants a Training Server event?

  • Yes please! 😁
  • No thanks! 👎
  • I don’t really care! 🙄
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Please Be Honest
Post will be closed on January 6 so I can think about making a event and get stuff situated.


Hey @RJPlayZ Are you grade 3 and Trust Level 2, if so i would recommend making event on the expert server as it boosts attendance!

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No, level 2 sadly


Keep liking and commenting on posts and you wil get there in no time!


And then again, we have NO training events.


mostly due to that server being full of trolls and not having any “law and order” in it to enforce rules.


I don’t mind. If the trolls are like people going through gates, I just ignore. If it goes out of hand however, then I pay attention.

Just to let you know, your poll allows users to vote for multiple options.

A training server event does happen once in a while, they are mostly for quick group flights or fly-outs from a regional airport.

If you’d like gate assignments, I can do them for you.

Yeah sure, thanks

Yes even though I am a skilled (I think) expert pilot we need this it would be fun for everyone! And maybe casual server events could, happen!

I will count the "I don’t care 🙄"s as “they will go or not”.

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