Who wanna fly formation in F16?

Does Anybody wanna fly formation with me in the f16 and then try to make an team I am searching for 4 people who wanna join add me on facebook: taynison girigorie and then talk to me on messenger so we can communicate with eachother.

Sure I will fly with you

I wanna wanna wanna not

What dat mean

Ey do you wanna do this with me?

Yes I will fly the f16 with you

Can you come online now? On ts2 on EHAM and then we Will do some formation what is your name ingame?

On Ts1 plz don’t want to get in trouble on ts2

Alright do you have discord?

Way too strict

I deleted it downloading now

Do you have discord? So we can talk

Ok I Will give you my server code

Ok kl what’s the name on discord

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