Who Uses LiveFlight Connect With a joystick?

I have done some testing with LiveFlight Connect keyboard controls, but is it really a better option than flying with your hands? I would like some feedback from people who fly with LiveFlight Connect and what you think. Please leave comments what you think about LiveFlight Connect below!


I personally hate keyboard flying. The first OS X version did not have this feature, but I added it based on popular demand.

Mouse flying seems a bit more accurate, I started experimenting with it but never got far with it.

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I own a joystick. Would you recommend flying by hand or with the joystick?

The only problem I could think of with flying with a joystick is operating AP.

I prefers the normal controls rather then a joystick it didn’t feel right and I think we under appreciate the fact that our tablets or phones are kind of like a yoke with the gyroscopes built in

I am beginning to kinda agree with you. It would be a lot different than using a computer.

I used a joystick a few times already. Helps simulate Airbus sidestick. Other than that, I just use my tablet as yoke.

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I dont fly on my ipad when there is no ability to use joystick)

Don’t want to reset axis settings))

Why not? You can easily set it back to normal.

LiveFlight Connect works like magic with iOS (no bias here btw) ;)

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There is a couple of problems. Like when I start my descent my joystick and computer disconnect and I just crash which is not good at all they cut in and out.

To resume flying just with ipad, i have to reset yaw,roll and pitch axis settings which were assigned using joystick.

Else, ipads own yoke wont work, and there will be no on-screen rudder.

Or there is an easier way.
I am agree its magic, Thank you for such app!)

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