Who uses a Joystick? [POLL]

As the titles suggests, I’m curious as to what percentage of the Infinite Flight Community uses a joystick for their everyday simming adventures.

  • Yes
  • No

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I for one, use a joystick exclusively on IF. I also only use my iPad Pro. My last flight sim experience was FS2004, so the accelerometer just wasn’t doing justice for me.

Please vote!

As for the moderators, the last time I saw a similar topic on this subject was in 2017.

Let me know if this is a duplicate. Thanks.

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I tend to use a joystick on occasions but when flying the XCub I don’t use it not sure why.

I use an Xbox controller only when flying a cub or fighter jet

How are there 23 total votes with 22 voters 🤔

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Xbox controller is a bit weird geez it’s will be like flying on GTA

Lol I guess. It makes rudder so much easier to use.

Just bought one! It’s great!

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Would never of thought of using an Xbox controller but hey if it works for you then excellent

I always use a joystick and can’t live without it now!

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That’s used to be me until the XCub came out

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