Who Touched the Thermostat & Why Are my Ears Bleeding // What happened @KGRR (AFB)

Well…at first there was just a food truck party at the airport, then it turned into one of my best spotting sessions of my life! With my ice cream in hand, and the heat turned all the way up, let’s see what I got

Allegiant A320 just after landing from 🥧 (St. Petersburg, FL)

Delta CRyay-900 rotaté(ing) off to Detroit Metro (Mug City, USA)

Super heavy CRJ-200 off to Dumpster fire/Dulles (for legal reasons that’s a joke)

Swayne’s plane (E145) off to non other than @KTJ_Mitchell land also know as Chicago/ORD

Now we have an interesting catch, an F-18 slowing down from what I believe is NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA!

Low pass over the viewing park at a super high speed right before I went partially deaf

As always thanks for viewing, RSW part 2 will come soon!

Thanks y’all



That Allegiant 320 though 😍

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N285NV for ya

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Fighter jet: Don’t mine me, I’m just going to Area 51

Ignore this, please feed me, I like bread 🦆

Awesome shots!

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@ItsablacklineYT: 👀

@Airborne_Canuck: 🍞

Jolly Rogers VFA-103 F/A-18, nice catch! Saw one of those at NAS Ft. Worth a few months back.

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Cool! It was so awesome! They flew right overhead!

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I like Swayne’s plane the most.

You put it perfectly!

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@plane_guy12: Thanks! You know it is though 😂

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me who forgets that other people live in Chicago besides KTJ


F-18 looking so fierce. 🙌🏾

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@T4ir5ty: Thanks so much, it was so cool to watch em fly over 🤩🤩🤩

you forgot about me and Marcel :(

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Again, only @KTJ_Mitchell lives in Chicago in my mind

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