Who stole my gate?

Today i wanted to fly a bit in the Himalaya and just at the right time ATC opend at Lukla. I took of and when i landed again and when i was parked already i noticed that one plane wasn’t able to find a stand because whole Lukla was filled! Luckily he parked next to everybody on the tARMAC. IFATC did a great job at keeping the traffic flowing on the ground.


Ooh thats funny. How long did he taxi around before getting the gate?

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Only about 1 minute. That happend to multiple planes (always C208s) but everybody could find a parking spot

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Oh, it must’ve been cold there because of the snow


Thank you for sharing

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0/10 for that. :P

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It is just a joke

My friend you really good editor

another one of me fav #screenshots-and-videos poster


Lol, that’s so cool.

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Hehe, I was the far left C208. I did feel bad for you having no gate, but I had to go since I had an arrangement for an IFATC to open my home airport!


I am actually the Cessna 172 holding short in the background


Just wondering, when was Lukla open?

Yesterday by @Will_A

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It was yesterday at about 1600Z

Oh in the act choice

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Oh and @infiniteflight_schoo, game on…

If your not sure it’s an awesome shot so yeah.

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I had Lukla open at 2019-10-20T11:30:00Z for an hour and later that night at 2019-10-20T23:00:00Z for an hour. Fun times!


It was really one of the funniest things i have ever seen on Infinite Flight. Even Casual server is less funny. Also i am not shure if you were the one controlling.

Did anyone have to divert?

Yes, a lot of pepole. I got a holding pattern and diverted because of fuel