Who should I fly with?

So as you guys may know I have a YouTube channel where I record landings and take offs from flights I make.

I will be flying from London to Berlin within the next month and I wonder who I should fly with? Preferably not the low cost airlines XD

  • Air Berlin
  • British Airways
  • EuroWings
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet

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You say that you prefer not so much to the low cost airlines. But why did you listed 4 of them?
And: We haven’t a EuroWings livery?


BA! 🙂👍 Love ba ❤️

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Fly Norwegian. Thats it, no further discussions are needed.


Take one that you haven’t tried yet and tell us if it was a good coice or not.

I wouldn’t fly with easy or Ryanair. Norwegian and Eurowings are much better!


This is a real world aviation thread just to say.

Good idea but i have flown with all XD

I would say it depends on what you expect from the airline that you fly with on which is the best. I prefer BA when flying business class but if I fly economy I would say norwegian or Eurowings


EasyJet. But Im biased 😉.

They don’t fly the route man sorry

Either British or Norwegian Air Shuttle.

That might be so. But why do you offer something which do you self not like?
For example: I know that I don’t like bananas but eat them and then complain about that. That’s also something which does not make sense.

Ryanair ❤️

Why did you put easyjet and Ryanair if you dont want low cost

I said I’d prefer not to. Doesn’t mean I’m not willing to

Do something what you want, don’t listen to other. If you don’t like something, leave it.

Whatever man :p

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