Who should be blamed?

Here are two screenshots from my recent flights, two incidents on the same day one at Tokyo Haneda and the other one at Naha Airport.

In both instances, I am on final and these guys are taking off in the same direction. People like these need a special kind of education.


Don’t worry these kind of people will get their lesson when ATC is present, until then take it positively, as you get a nice screenshot


In this case it’s better to just go around. Obviously they’re at fault, but there’s really not much you can do.


Why is it anyone’s fault? When there’s no ATC, any runway direction goes. Obviously if you were closer that’s an entirely different story and they would be at fault but the first screenshot the guy is already over 1200 feet higher than you and presumably climbing fast, and in the second screenshot the guy is 700 feet higher but turning away from you. In neither situation are either of you in any danger.


Hmm, I don’t think any direction goes 🤔
Many aircraft have tailwind limitations and if you’re taking-off in an A320 with 12kts tailwind component while another A320 on final, you’re the one to blame.
So, if we judge then take the wind into account, but if the the question is what to do then G/A must be initiated I guess.


Bad practice? Yes. Blame? Definitely not. They’re not doing anything that blatantly violates good faith or courtesy, as long as they’re not getting in the way of anyone.


Agree, but in the first screenshot, I reported that ‘I am on final’ and he still lined up and took off, should’ve waited at least till I landed and cleared the runway. In the second one he had the option to depart straight instead he deliberately cut my flight path.
If we are discussing good faith, then both had the option either to wait or deviate, this is simply unethical and if these activities are acceptable then there is no point in putting a disclaimer while logging into the Expert server.

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Based on the screenshot, you were probably a really good distance away when that aircraft took off and as seen in the picture, the aircraft already at 3200 so altitude separation wouldn’t be an issue

You’re probably a 7 nm final in the photo. Judging from the fact that he’s 4 nm from departure, you were probably 10 nm when he left the ground. That’s probably 13-14 nm when he announced departure, which would’ve taken you 5+ minutes to land. That is totally enough time for them to get up and clear the area before you have any chance of a collision. The two of you are 4 nm apart in the photo and he’s already over 1000 feet above you and climbing fast. Judging from his climb rate he would be 5000 feet by the time he overflew you and you would be 2000 or lower. There is no literally pretense of a collision here.

This one is a bit more of a him problem, but departing straight is the worst thing for him to do in this case. Judging from how long his vector is after he makes the turn he would be directly alongside you about 1000 feet higher which I do agree is fairly close. His decision to turn early kept you guys separated. Obviously, the clearer choice for him would be to hook right after departure to put more distance between you guys but once again he is 3 nm away, above you, and still climbing.

Once again, neither photo has anyone posed for a collision. Asking the first guy to wait 5+ minutes when he clearly has space (and then some) to depart is certainly something that’s not in good faith. The second guy probably had you at 12 nm or more when he entered the runway, so that’s another 5+ minutes. There is no reason to expect these two to wait. I would say pilot 1 is fine (obviously given that this is a game not real life), pilot 2 should’ve gone right but nothing to threaten you or your aircraft.


In both of your screenshots, you were landing on the green runways while the other pilots were taking off from the red. The IFATC handbook mentions that the red and green markers are not always accurate, and the pilot and controller should check the wind and other conditions before choosing the appropriate runway. Just a possibility, but maybe these pilots were going off what was being used IRL rather than the green runways only? There are many, many instances when a runway is marked red in Infinite Flight while it is being used IRL. To determine any of this for sure, I’d just go watch FR24 playback on the time, date, and location in question. This would be the best explanation as to why they were taking off from the wrong runway… I wouldn’t assume that they are doing it just for no reason.


Looking at the screenshots I’m like 80% sure they just wanted shorter taxi times. But regardless, the important part is no collision.


The person in front of you should be blamed, he took off on the wrong runway and clearly didn’t check the weather conditions at ROAH airport. Also he should have waited for you to land if you announced it on the Unicom, if he heard it he shouldn’t have taken off.

The aircraft had more than enough time to takeoff


I believe that when arriving at an uncontrolled airport, you are supposed to check what the aircraft already there are doing by looking at the map and requesting traffic advisories on Unicom. If necessary, you then change your pattern/approach to avoid a conflict. You don’t get right of way because you are arriving under a flight plan, and the color of the runway also doesn’t matter. See the link below…

I did encountered similar like that 2 days ago, when arriving Dubai from Islamabad,

I announced inbound, and 2 planes were taxing to same runway as mine. Then when I am approaching and following approach path, I saw all of them announcing take off, then took off, right after I announced, I am final position. And when seeing them taking off, I literally had to slowdown my speed all way down to 130 kt, till, they pass my path during landing. 🤣

So, when I see, someone is taking off, without waiting, I just slow down, and let them pass by.

At an uncontrolled airport really anything goes as long as you don’t hit anyone. It is annoying but I have seen it in real life, particularly annoying when only one runway has an approach and someone calls in that they are on that approach and will be landing that runway even though everyone is using the other runway and the field is completely VFR. It happens, adds workload to everyone and increases risk for sure, but there is nothing explicitly wrong about it.

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IRL Landing aircraft always have the right-of-wa, This is the departing aircraft’s fault. This was selfish and self centered act, Always check your surroundings & radio when departing.

Had he of turned right after departing, This would be a completely different story. But he didn’t and flew right into your flight path.

Let’s move on from this topic. Unfortunately, things like this happen. Without staff/ATC present, there’s not much that can be done. As frustrating is it can be, pointing fingers isn’t the way to deal with this.

This situation could be completely flipped the other way. What if the pilot taking off was wondering why you’re about to land on them? XD

It’s worth noting that in some very rare cases that active runways can also show up differently for other users which could very well be the case here. Either way, the departing aircraft steered clear of your path.

If this happens again, my main piece of advice would be to keep your eyes and ears peeled, be proactive, spot the issue before it happens and sidestep to the other runway if possible. If you’re ever in doubt, go around :)