Who says we need global to properly fly big planes?

I’m only joking of course but very interesting news here Emirates lands in Doha with world’s shortest A380 flight ;)


I think it’s pretty descriptive.


Wow! When I flew that route, I was only in an Qatar A320!


Good catch…however at present we don’t have either of those two airports in an IF region so we still cant replicate it.

However if you want to fly a real wide body route that is currently available in the regions, try this one:

British Airways 2157 ‘heavy’. From Antigua (TAPA ) to St Kitts (TKPK ) B772.

IRL it is flown twice a week, (Wednesday and Sunday) as a tag on sector from a LGW to TAPA sector.


Oh god what! 777s for that route and A318s for LCY-JFK?


I feel this is a duplicate, not 100000.0000% sure

TAPA to TKPK is around 53nm and KLAX to KSAN is around 90nm long! Then, TAPA to TKPK is by a 777 and KLAX to KSAN by an Embraer 175! Holy moly this is weird!

What! I thought you were joking @David_Lockwood

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The flight comes from LHR, stops of at Antigua, then continues on. Nothing wierd.

Nope, it comes from LGW :)


Really? Couldn’t it fly 53 more miles? I mean it’s a 777.

Whoops! Caribbean flights come from LGW, right?

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Looks like the route has a high demand…would be nice to this when global is released.

I don’t think people should buy first class on this short flight. Is waste of money. Anyway, this is a pretty short flight:)

Just because it’s a real flight doesn’t mean it isn’t self defeating.

Wait for Global to get proper use out of heavies.

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I hope Emirates understands now that buying loads of a380’s was a mistake…


They don’t and it wasn’t.

Mistakes Emirates did

Flying to Christchurch with an A380. Christchurch isn’t an A380 airport.
Next up : GA airports

Flying to Doha with their A380’s…
Could of just taken the 777’s.

Believe it or not, planes age more gracefully while in active service.

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There is a daily flight from LGW to Antigia, twice a week it flys on to St Kiss and the other days it flys to a different Caribs destination.

Also it’s weight restricted getting in and out of St Kitts so you couldn’t be fully laden for. A return flight direct to LGW.

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