Who said a General Aviation FNF wouldn’t be exciting?

Hey everyone! Today was an awesome GA FNF!
@Manav_Suri and I took this opportunity to explore the South American scenery in the TBM’s

Aircraft: TBM-930
Server: Expert

Enjoy the photos!

Look who we found 👀. Misha in his XCub!

Here is a picture of the route we flew. It looks pretty amazing!

Now, to end off this post, I would like to say that I really enjoyed this FNF! Most people believe that the big commercial jets is what is fun. But the real fun is flying GA! You get to sit back, relax enjoy the scenery, and discover places you would never discover flying a commercial jet!
Thank you Misha (AKA Mishaisamazingandbeautiful) for organizing this FNF! I must say, out of all of them, this one is my favorite. It was a fun change to fly GA aircraft today!

And lastly,

Thank YOU,

for viewing this post!
All feedback is welcome. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful FNF.


Pictures are amazing Jared!


Very nice one next time I want to join😉😂

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This looks like it’ll be a fun FNF. Can’t wait to hop in a TBM and fly for a few hours…


Great pictures Jared! This scenery is amazing🙃

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Time to do my Patagonian time trials 😂😂😂

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Amazing as always!

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Thanks all!