Who’s the CEO of FTVA and is there an Indigo Virtual?

So the CEO used to be Alex but he got blacklisted from the IFVARB and decided to leave the IFC. I wish to know who is now the CEO of Frontier Virtual.
Abso, is there a VA called Indigo Virtual?

@TheFlyingGuy1 is the current CEO of FTVA.


Indigo virtual can be found here, all it takes to get there is a simple search

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Yes there is one. 6EVA as they like to call it sometimes


There is an Indigo Virtual Airlines

You can use this for further questions. https://ifvarb.com/

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Yes. You may pm me. I’m the COO of 6EVA

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@Aryan_Sharma and @Ifly_guy_yt are your guys in INDIGO VIRTUAL


Hello there! I believe you are looking for me! Shoot me a PM and I will be happy to help you out :)

-Hari (CEO of IndiGo Virtual)

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Hello @Philippe_Gilbert If you need anything please reach out to me.
-TheFlyingGuy1 CEO of FTVA

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