Who´s got the heavier (in Gigabytes) IF app in the IF Community?

I decided today to make some space on my phone for the upcoming TBM release (verrrry sooon! ha) as I noticed I didnt have much space left…so decided to start IF fresh and deleted the data and the cache. So I ended up with 144 Mb of app. All good. I went then into EGLL (TS) and within 15 mins the app was already on 3.4 GB (from other users planes downloads).

So…mine right now stands at 3.4 GB…I would be very curious to see where everybody is at with IF Storage space on their mobile phone/ tablet. Specially heavy users. Who´s got the heavier (GBs) IF app in the IF Community??

I think it would be interesting to see how much IF can take up in terms of storage…
Thanks guys!
Happy flying!

My IF is currently taking up 6.34GB of space.

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Mine takes up around 5.90 Gb. It’s annoying because I can’t delete the app, but it takes up so much space lol


6.34GB??? wow! I think I never got to that figure…

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It my only app other than Instagram

Everything else came with the phone.

6.37 GB but I have a 128 GB iPad so it’s not a big deal ;)


I have the same problem as you. Infinite Flight takes up 6 GB for me.

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As far as I know I have installed everything.
Maybe the amount of cached data differs per region.


Mine uses 6.8GB. I’ve got everything installed as well. It might have to do with scenery cache as I have not cleared it for a while.

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I’m sorry. But I just don’t see how posting numbers provides a discussion. You guys want quality planes, textures and features. The price you pay is storage usage. Pick and choose your battles wisely. 😊