Who’s excited for the saudia a330 and when’s 22.6 coming out

When’s 22.6 coming out and also who’s excited for the saudia a 330 and what routed will you do with it

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no one knows when 22.6 will come out, and idk what route because i don’t fly in that area


22.6 will come out within the year 2022



Yeah same I really don’t fly in that part of worlds


soon ish

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Not judging at all but you really should, or at least try. The Middle East is a beautiful area!


I mean yeah I fly a little bit ther like king hauls from there to the U.S but not like hopping in the country

Others have said it too but definitely check it out. If you’re into longer routes I recommend London to Dubai via Europe Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait

Oh yeah I know I just don’t normally have much time to fly and so I end up flying KLAX-KSAN a bunch

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Who said it’s coming 22.6 🧐


So it isn’t coming to 22.6 the saudia a330

We don’t know maybe it is maybe it isn’t

Same i was wondering that aswell

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