Who’s currently running ATC at KSFO?

I would like to have a chat whosever running ground control at KSFO (expert)

That would be @Panther. Just check his screen name and search him here on IFC, and you’d have found him without this topic 😊

Anyway, just send him a PM.

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It is currently IFATC Panther.

You might want to move this to PMs if it is a chat…

friendly reminder

@iOS_Aviator and @Marc, don’t know if you guys saw that, but the OP just joined IFC a few minutes a ago. I believe you can’t make a PM until you’re TL1… if I’m not mistaken here…?

One of you may help him out with setting up a PM or Panther will take contact when he can, as he should be notified considering he got tagged here.


That is a good point

Didn’t they remove the Pm barrier?

I don’t know actually. I just pointed it out in case it still is so that TL0 can’t PM.

But if he is able to then that’s fantastic :)

Ha, you’re right. Sorry about that @Atlas24. Normally there is a message showing up when you just joined IFC but I haven’t seen it here.

In that case what you can do Atlas, is to open Panthers profile (I tagged him earlier for you) and try sending him a PM by clicking ”Message”. We can open a PM for you as well, but let’s see if it works for you first!


Thanks for the help everyone, I’ve just sent a PM to get things started

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In future, check out ifatc.org for this stuff. Rather useful.

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