Who Remembers the "Good 'Ol Days"?

I was not hype for playground

I switched back to free flight in 2 minutes

First plane was the CRJ200 , remember those days?
SFO was packed?
See a lot of 747s and A380s?


Well my first flight wasn’t as bad as that ;)

I wasn’t around in the early days, but I do remember the learning curve!
Freq change approved? Huh???
Ask intensions… I wanna fly! Where’s that button?
Enter right base runway 27… What base, I don’t see a base! I see the airport!
You’re in an active airspace… WTH did I do now!
Then on landing… Why is this crazy thing bouncing all over the place!?
I’d finish flying, and be soaking wet!

Those were the days


I remember me that I needed 5000 xp it was so hard.


lolllol I love the way you composed your thread!


Who had Live Beta?

That wasn’t my very first Advanced flight, but one of my first. :)

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I know I avoided the advance server cause I was afraid of being ghosted or banned for poor flying lol


I remember working my butt off to get from PG to Advance and got there a couple of months before the Grading system got implemented. There was not as much fooling around on PG as there is now.


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For some of the first few days I was at the top of the leaderboard for XP.


How about before Live full stop?

Everyone spawn at KHAF

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Your are not the only person to feel like that

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Grade system < Standing system

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Huh? You’re going way off topic.

I remember where i was at KHAF (where everyone spawns) then got a lot of violations then down my standing to 0%.

Then i was looking to get 100% then i was flying better and see my xp grows to 19%.

Finally got 85% and changed to KLAX then i saw a lot of traffic here…

I am close to get my eyes wet… it was a unforgetable moment :)

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I remember the old days. First flight from Half Moon Bay and I thought awesome, let’s do some touch and goes at SFO.
Then I noticed what happened when you banged your head up against the SFO airspace… uh-oh.

The standing system was OK though.


I remember before playground was a thing.
There was advanced and free flight. Free flight still had rules and you needed to have 75% standing to fly into KSFO. I never had any active ATC on advanced. I don’t think IFATC existed back then. Those were the good old days. Now though it’s better with ATC and leaving the one region.


I liked that system.