Who Remembers the "Good 'Ol Days"?

Remember when you first got Infinite Flight Live, back before grades were introduced?

When you didn’t have enough experience to fly a heavy in San Francisco on Free Flight?

Or when you finally could fly a heavy, and you got to show it off to everybody in Free Flight? 😂

Or how hyped you were to get into the ATC Playground?

Or how nervous you were to fly on the strict server of Advanced?

Good times indeed. Such nostalgia. Who else remembers the Good 'Ol Days? :'D


Do you know how hard I tried to get my standing so I could go on the playground server?


I remember, I spent about 10 hours straight playing Infinite Flight on Live just to get XP/Standing. Now, with the grading system, some people don’t work hard anymore. When I was first in the PG server! I was so happy! I didn’t follow instructions though, but I was new. The game crashed a few times, but it still was amazing! Let’s reminisce. When I first got live, it was amazing! I flew with others, and flew to Livermore Muni, and a couple of times to San Fransisco!


I remember the struggle my friend… We all do. 😂

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I remember when I made it into PG and we had actual people giving us instructions and not just anyone could


The Grading System is the Worst System ever…

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Yes. Nobody works. They just get live … Then they go on the PG and don’t know what they are doing. Only Grade 2-5s should be allowed on the PG. Grade 1 should practice on the FF server, get to know Unicom, then, when they are experienced, go on the PG server.

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Let’s not forget flying into KNUC… Ever since i found out that it was a military base and commercial aircraft didn’t actually fly there, I stopped all of my flights to there.

Before I knew this though, I probably had atleast 50 logged flights from KLAX - KNUC. 😂


I still use KNUC, even if it is unrealistic.

Most nimrods i saw are grade 5 and some have over 1M xp


That means they probably just want to be trolls. Lmao.

If I had Grade 5, I would honor my orange name tag. It says that I’ve worked hard to get there. :)

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I remember always having to fly from half moon bay as I couldn’t fly to San Franciso


Grade 5 people think they are so cool rocking around, and some of them just do whatever they want (no offense to the good Grade 5ers!

There should be a pilot to pilot rating system. If they get reported, their rating goes down.

I remember my first flight on advanced. I was so nervous :D


I mean yeah but then pilots would go on a huge reporting spree on everyone in the region…

Also, let’s stay on topic. :)

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One problem … Trolls … Some people would keep on reporting and reporting, even if the pilot is following instructions.

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I can’t remember my first advanced flight tbh!

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Oh my god same… I remember when I didn’t know much, and I was at an airport under the control of Tyler, and i took off, and he said “Frequency changed approved” and I stayed on his frequency because I didn’t really know what to do when there was no other ATC online to switch to. LOL! 😂


Lol I got it two days after live came out and I remember once on live at TNCM that I waited 1hr 30min for take off. It was before the ATC update and I remember everyone was spaced out, used Unicom CORECTLY, waited for the landings to back taxi BEFORE entering the runway etc. It was a season from heaven and for a newbie like me back then, it really set the tone. Now look where playground has gone… It’s become Sh*t