Who plays IF on a Tab S3?

My question is, who plays IF on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (WIFI) like me?

Because I have some troubles when I play on global (expert server) at places with high airplane occurrence! It´s lagging…

Anyone else who has that problem?!


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There’s a link that may help you! If your device is on there, it will tell you the optimal settings for best gameplay experience. :)


Hello there, are you talking about the Tab S3 or A3 as your post and title are conflicting with each other.

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I wouldn’t suggest using a device 4+ years old as they don’t normally have strong internals meaning they don’t perform very well


hi Luca, you said s3 in the title, I can only say that I play IF on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and I have no problem like the one you say.

Oh, I am sry. I am talking about the S3
*corrected it

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Which graphic settings so you use? :)

The Tab S3 is 1 year old!

I play IF on the Samsung S3 Tab.

Yes, when there is lots of traffic such as a FNF I turn off anti-aliasing and limit the frame rate for a smoother, albeit still a little bumpy performance with high graphics and textures.

Otherwise anti-aliasing is on and limit frame rate is off for as long as I’m in front of the device and I have no issues outside a very busy airport with it at those settings…if I leave the device I limit the frame rate and turn off anti-aliasing, lower the brightness, etc…

Before I start any flight, I restart the device/clear the memory by going to settings–>device mait.

You or anyone else can always PM me if you’d like to chat further about the device :)


All settings on high

Hm. Okay. Me too
Und you don’t have low fps on busy airports?

I used it before global, now it’s lagging so I had to change it on Ipad 2018

I play IF also on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Like @Grizpac says, lags only with heavy traffic.

Someone own a brandnew Galaxy Tab S4 ?

There’s no such thing as a Tab A3

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I use the Tab S3, but I haven’t had any lags yet…

I activated it because of the battery, but I had not activated it before, and I did not have any problems in airports with a lot of traffic or not.

Could you post a screenshot of graphic an and the “live” settings?

what did you activate?

I have activated limit frame rate

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