Who obey ??

please help !! Takeoff from WMKK to WSSS, WSSS approach gave me directions but also close WMKK about the same time and different indications. I actually reported for “disobedience” and decided to go on the server to avoid ghost. In this case, whom should I obey ??

thanks for move

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Please elaborate more about it

I opened WSSS tower and ground 1hr ago. I can tag the approach controllers if you want


takeoff from WMKK and changed frequently WSSS center, but asked me approach WMKK intentions. Sorry translation;)

sorry the translation

No you should have went with approach because center is only used for aircraft above or at fl 180. When you take off from an airport you are handed off to approach or departure (depending on whose there) if approach and departure are online then you will be handed over to departure after take off. But departure isn’t online youll be handed over by Atc to contact approach.

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I had the same experience this morning upon approach at WSSS the tower told me to land at 2L but there was an aircraft on the runaway landed ,as i go around,i was told to land at 20R as i approach i was ask to land at 2R ,it was mockery and to prevent from ghosting i followed and suddently the atc went offline.

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