Who needs a Co-Pilot

Just bought the Infinite Pilots App and now i looking for Pilots…PM me and i will insert your Name in the App, then ready to take some pictures…we will work out a flight plan with nice viewing sites…


I’m already in there :) Will be flying soon…

How does it work, do yo booth get to fly the plane?

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Can you an iPhone user do Co pilot to an android user

No in co-pilot mode you can see all of the city’s, terrain, landmarks etc and it’s a first person view as if you were co-pilot @Kayden @Delta_Virtual


I could use with one, and is the app free

Nope, I don’t think so.

ok, but can you be my co

and whats it call

Infinite pilots

u avalible now

Just come back from work…going with thomson now…but still…anybody is welcome to pm me, will add u than…

Is this only available for Apple store and certain country only? Tried searching on Google Play store, not available… T_T

Hope that helps

Tried searching the app… not available still… I’m using the Google Play Singapore Store… :(

I think its not avalible on Android, mate…


Look one reply up

I’m afraid Infinite Pilots is only available on the AppStore for iOS devices…

OK thanks :)