Who makes the best cockpits?

Who do you think has the most modern and best layed out cockpits. For me, I’ve gotta give it to Airbus, though I love the C series cockpit too!

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier

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Weird question… probably Airbus.

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If it aint Boeing I aint going!


You’re missing FSLabs



Too much automation on AIRBUS!!


Gotta love Boeing! :)


Honestly, I feel the screens are WWAAAAYYY Better on the Airbus and instruments are neatly layed out. Also the sidestick allows pilots more legroom LOL

odd thread as only a pilot who has experience of flying all three can make a good judgement on these. Rest of us can only guess…


I prefer the Boeing cockpits imo. I don’t know - it just seems like a plane would be easier to control with a yoke rather than a joystick


Well from pics I’m guessing!

How about those displays on the 737 MAX? Easily one of the best cockpits of all time!


TOOOO messy for me… the OLD a320 is more neat lol.

(Airbus for life)


I love Boeing, but if we are talking only cockpits, I have to go with Airbus.

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Both Boeing and Airbus have their positives and negatives. There are excellent features in both and downsides in both.

An amalgamation of the best of both Boeing and Airbus would be nice but always remember the old addage:

Airbus engineers build ‘Airbuses’ for engineers, Boeing build ‘Boeings’ for pilots.

After many years in both I can categorically agree with the above statement!

Have fun.

(Haven’t flown a Bombardier airliner so don’t feel in a position to comment!)


I’ll say Boeing. This isn’t because the 78- and 77- cockpits come to mind.


I’m a huge airbus fan but I’m sorry, I think that the Boeing is better. I feel like it’s easier to use for some pilots. I’m still confused on how a pilot who is right handed can sit on the left side of the cockpit in an Airbus. It would be hard for me because my left hand is weaker and controlling the plane would be very hard on an Airbus if your a pilot who is right handed

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Airbus has a better layout in my oppionion. Gotta love Joystick pilots😉

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Same in Boeing to be honest. I hold the yoke in my left hand and have my right hand on the thrust levers.


Like mentioned before, we can only going on looks. As for practicality and which one is actually best for flying, would be down to a pilot who has use all 3 :)

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Airbus cockpits are too modern for me. Those are computers and they could mess up or get compromised to quickly. LOOK a A380 has a KEYBOARD lol. Its the ultimate gaming setup.

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