Who likes IF improved website

It seems that IF just updated their website. It looks amazing :)

They did? I can’t seem to be seeing anything different.

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A video is attached to the main page of IF

I thought they’ve had this video for ages already. Could have sworn nothing has been changed.


That has been there for a while now, not a new thing

Maybe I don’t browse the main page often on PC. On my phone the main page still shows some old pictures…

We’ve not made any major changes to this page since at least 2020, but we’re glad you like it!

The video has been there since 2018 :) It doesn’t show on mobile devices because the screens are too small to make effective use of the space.


Yeah the iPad or desktop site is super nice

Do you think it will be updated anytime soon?

Nvm actually

There’s always stuff in the works 😉


I hope 1 day IF becomes the best flight sim ever ! And everyone loves and enjoys it. Come on let’s make this happen.


Why hope, it is already 😏😎

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😆 well sort of. They just need to fix and add some more crucial things then they have my vote.

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Yeah, that’s true. For me it’s still the best, they already have my vote. 😅

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Well I’ve came from RFS to here and yes IF is amazing. I would love to have pilot announcements, V1 rotate callouts etc. Maybe passenger sounds , cabin crew call button sound. The ding dong sound lol.

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In the meantime, I have the exact third-party app for you!



Hi Jason ,

I’ve downloaded the app , thanks for that…

But sadly can’t get it to work ?


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I use this app from time to time and it works perfectly fine. You need to go to your IF settings, go to “general” and scroll down. You’ll see an option named “infinite flight connect”. Enable that and it will work.

@epaga can help you with this 🙂 He’s the app creator.

Cheers , I’ve got it.

Sounds good

But is there more in-app purchases for different features?