Who land B787 smoothest?

Hey guys, I have just post a video on YouTube I haven’t post video for more than a year but now I am back with this one check it out!!

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  • Air New Zealand
  • Japan Airlines
  • Jetstar
  • TUI
  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways

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Or you can comment on my video thank you for watching


This looks like it should be in #screenshots-and-videos

Bro I can’t even figure out how to land a 737. I need more practice. Even though I’m 5landings away from grade 3 with 58,000+ xp


I practice landings almost everyday when I don’t have a pro or when don’t have enough time for online. you can do this and trust me you will get good at it take sometimes

It’s all because I got my self used to the jet that I want afford one day, Cessna citation-X. If I take this short cut correctly.

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I got 694 hours and 421 landings and still haven’t figured out how to land anything smaller than an E170.

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I’m a grade 3 with 150+ landings and I don’t even know how to land without landing nose first


All of them were very good, but Qatar is the smoothest

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Why are people voting for the Air Canada one?

That was by far the most Ryanair landing


Dude I can land a 777-300ER like a boss.Screenshot_20191129-182926|829x414

it not a video i cant tell if it a butter…

Everything about it is butter.

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