Who is your favorite airline by experience?

Well judging by my profile picture you guys know mine already but I want to hear about yalls opinion.

I think mine would be Aer Lingus. Although they are quite a small airline in terms of their destination I think That by standing up for an airline in its tradition of bringing young Irish people across the world is great. This airline has not only inspired me to become a Pilot but to start doing my 45 hours (Europe standards)for my PP. So ya

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Never flew it but I heard it was great!! Almost to forget Lufthansa (European Airline) is also one of my favorite airlines as well!!!

You see I’m Irish and I think if you flew the airline as an experience. It will change your perspective of how you see the skies. Its so hard to describe that feeling

Lol not only your profile photo but your username :grinning:.

Anyway, I’m a Delta fanboy.

I admire their smart method of purchasing new aircraft and dolling them up to seem almost new. I also admire how they can take an undesirable and cheap aircraft on the market and make it work or them.

Only problem I have with them is that they don’t give out full cans of soda unlike American Airlines :confused:.

Delta never ceases to amaze me.

Long live the DC-9!

Türk Hava Yolları!
Turkish Airlines is Europe’s best airline since a couple of years. I have flown with them several times and I think they have the best service in all classes (the food is delicious, they have also a chef on each flight!). Atatürk’s international terminal is very great too.
When you fly with Lufthansa you feel “safe”.
Air France and KLM are pretty bad…
Thai is ok.
The best long haul experience I had was on Emirates.

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I’d like to add on to what I said.

I have never flown long-haul so I cannot comment on European, Asia, SA airlines.

Here’s a breakdown of the four major airlines I’ve flown on:

US Airways Express:

All RJs so each flight equally sucked.

American Airlines:

Their A321-200s (Non-Transcon new builds) are amazing! The seats are fresh and the new aircraft smell is all over the cabin. The plane is spotless and the IFE is huge and good (Especially the map). American’s current product gets good marks.

Their Boeing 757-200s are CRAP though. Recently flew on one of their dying 757-200s (The old ones out of MIA) and it looks like it’s been through a war. The seats’ fabric was tearing, the window shades were broken so I was scared to close the window. The volume/headphone output was completely shot and old-fashioned. The IFE screens (From the ceiling of the aircraft) were breaking and the tray table was partially broken. The interior of the aircraft was likely the late 80s, early 90s interior (I’ll explain my reasoning later).

The 757-200 back from my Caribbean destination was slightly better (Nothing broken) but the interior was tired. The door also wouldn’t close resulting in a 7 hour delay. Judging by the fact that this 757 had a newer interior than the 757 going down to the Caribbean and also knowing that AA had a cabin refurb project in the 1990s and that both 757s weren’t configured with new interior and livery (Anyone want to confirm?), I am assuming that this was a late 1990s refurb and the other one was older…

jetBlue Airways:

Great service-FAs are always friendly. The seats are pretty good-They’re comfy but dated and old. IFE used to be the best thing in the sky and I would always go out of my way to fly with them, but now the IFEs have gotten outdated. They still do the job fine but pale in comparison to the massive touch-screens on AAs new planes. Plus, I’m so sick and tired of flying on A320s.

Delta Air Lines:

Solid product. They’ve gotten better as time has gone on. My first flight with them was on an A319-100 right after the NWA-DL merger. The flight was pretty good and I got a nice first impression of them. Cabin crew was friendly and the flight was great. The return flight (A320-200) was a little less desirable. The plane looked and felt old. The wings were dirty, the flight was on the USAir scale.

The next year I decided to fly with DL again and I got one of their MD-88s. Despite being an aging aircraft, the interior was decent and the service and employees were stellar.

From then on, the XP has just gotten better. I have gotten a chance to fly on another one of their A320-200s and it was much better than the first.

In summation, their: A319-100s, A320-200s, MD-88s, 737-800s, 717-200s, and CRJ-900s all get the seal of approval from me!

Hope to sneak in a 737-900ER or 757-200/757-300 flight with them someday soon.

Not commenting on Cape Air except for… Great aircraft. S**tty interior/flight XP.

Long live Delta and…

Long live the DC-9!


Being that I have only flown on Spirit, Delta, Air France, and a KLM codeshare that I am doubting really counts, my favorite is Delta. Spirit is bad.

For me, I will say Qatar Airways! Even If I don’t fly with them now, It still is Qatar Airways!

Now, I principally fly with Etihad Airways, they are awesome too! ✈️

Virgin America.

I will do it @Boeing707 style and provide a bit of a summary for the airlines. I will pick the airlines that I have a decent memory of.

Great crews, live TV, and decent leather seats. Kind of like the Jetblue of Canada. Very nice experience with both ground staff and in flight crews, both in the flight deck and in the cabin. And they have Iced Tea onboard and are cheaper than Air Canada domestically 9 times out of 10. Nothing really to complain about really.
Air Canada:
Decent crews and marginal ground staff. They are a decent airline, Westjet is “good”. Air Canada is “decent”. They get the job done efficiently and fairly. Crews are hit and miss, some of them are exemplary, some of them are simply downright terrible. My experience with their long haul catering is not great to say the least, I don’t find their food to be, um, edible. They can’t get their in flight food right. Their seats are decent, but the foam is crushed on mist of them, so it’s not great. AVOD selection is quite good though.
Ah, Delta. Flying them is quite nice, everything from domestic short haul to international long haul. Their crews are generally friendly, and their product is quite nice, with streaming at every seat, and well padded seats. One gripe is the lack of outlets behind the preferred section, it’s not cool for a leisure traveller like me, but it’s not a major problem, you pay for what you get. Their food is decent, and their NRT flight kitchen is simply amazing, they manage to cater the most wonderful meals in Y. Everything from Crisp salad greens to perfectly cooked rice, they’ve got it figured out. I also adore the use of wicker baskets when handing out some service items, I find them really quaint and a cool touch. Seats are lacking in the padding department in some aircraft, namely the 744s and the 76Ws. But a pillow under fixes the problem nicely. They offer an excellent product for their price point. Oh, and their AVOD collection is excellent.
I am going to say it right now, AS offers the best domestic product around in the USA. They have power at every seat and their seats are quite comfortable with lots of legroom due to their design. Some people slam the record seats because of the thin padding layer, i personally didn’t find a problem with the seats. They were comfortable for a 3.5 hour flight. Their crew were cheerful and always wore a smile, they are great. One problem is that their credit card machines does not work quickly, with BOB take up rates at over 50%, it was taking a long while to process all the credit card transactions. But nothing they can do on their end.
Cathay Pacific:
Cathay Pacific used to be one of the highest ranked airlines in my regard, but they have slipped in way too many things for e to consider them really great. Their service has declined to a point where DL can offer them a run for their money, their FAs aren’t as good as before, they used to be proactive, but not anymore. And some of them are simply condescending to some customers. Now, there are only a few bad apples in the bunch, most of them are great. Their catering is about the same at DLs. It’s not stellar anymore, it does the job, but not much more. Their seats are comfortable and their AVOD selection is very large, you won’t get bored easily. CX used to be my only option when they were an available option, but now I shop around, since other airlines can offer a product that is very competitive.
My choice for best airline. Not many flaws with the airline. Very nice food, crew, seats and aircraft. They are one of the leading airlines, and they are at the cutting edge of the business most of the time, particularly in their premium cabins. Service delivery from the crew is flawless, and always friendly without being robotic. And their Krisworld system is always very easy to navigate and has a massive selection of movies and TV shows.

Please excuse any fat finger typos.

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I heard Singapore is 5 star.

The world’s 5 star airlines are:
ANA All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airways
Garuda Indonesia
Hainan Airlines
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines

I know that.

KLM becuse the fly from EHAM

Delta Air Lines, Arke, Transavia, Vueling, Martinair Cargo, Corendon Dutch Airlines and easyJet fly from EHAM too :wink:

If you look up the schipol airport on wiki, you will find way more than what you mentioned. You mentioned the more notable ones.

Hawaiian Airlines or Delta. Great customer service and amazing flight crews

Singapore Airlines for me. I Choose SQ Cause of Their Hospitality Part (Especially S’pore Girls 😍😍😍)