Who is wrong? Who is right?

Hey… Hello everyone, I am here today to discuss the issue of IFAET. First of all, IFAET’s contribution to IF is undeniable. I was also a member of IFAET. Last year, I withdrew from IFAET for academic reasons. In February of this year, I join again to IFAET. I want to rework ZBNY (Beijing Nanyuan Airport) airport, because my editing before is not perfect. But the supervisor said that the airport has been closed, while in fact the airport is still used for military purposes. The supervisor asked me to provide evidence. I sent a satellite image taken at the airport after civil aviation operations were stopped. It can be clearly seen that the T154MD of the PLAAF(China Air Force) is still parked on the gate. (T154MD is one of the few electronic reconnaissance aircraft in China, so they will not be retired in a short time)I also send news, photos, etc. But the management team still decided to delete ZBNY. Why did you do this? Why don’t you delete VHHX (Kai Tak Airport)? Could it be because of it special approach? ZBNY is China’s first airport, isn’t it special?

I am ready to be banned or posts hidden, come on!


Completely agree. VHHX is allowed to stay in the database for a certain reason I don’t know. Looking at this in the perspective of making it fair and equal, ZBNY should be allowed to stay too.

However, there has to be abundant evidence about if the airport is truly still open, and it has to be visible to everyone, not just the private military or something similar to that.


Probably they don’t know about geography, history or something. But hey… I totally agree with you. The thing is, commercial airliners are the most used in the simulator. But I agree that they need to add military airports. If they can in the United States, why not in China?


According to senior leadership you refused to send in proof that the airport still functions.


This should be addressed with IFAET leadership, not via the public on the forum.

Kai Tak was kept open as a one-off decision by the Infinite Flight team due to the special high profile nature of the airport. All other airports fall under the IFAET rules that have been outlined. As Tom said, if you have an issue with that process please feel free to have a chat with the IFAET leadership. Thank you!