Who is this guy

Who is @rgba8 He has no post and hes never said anything but it says he was seen July, 30th


He is a dev though!

He’s another developer who wishes to remain private.

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Everyone has a right to privacy!

Not in the USA because government spies on you. Dont say they dont


Yeah well we all know that but metaphorically speaking! But yeah case closed!!!

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leave him alone Why would you care if there’s an account with no posts… Everybody has a right for privacy. I suggest you remove this topic


It seems strnage that both mods actually talk like thta guy should have to talk on these forums

So damn true

He could have an account to watch the forums with the privileges of having an account.

After all, the devs do monitor the forum for ideas as to what is “trending” and what would make the best addition so he or she is likely sticking around to watch those.

If there are benefits of being a “Developer” on this forum, (s)he could be using those like the rest of the devs.

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Hi @Blackbird71, i’m just yet another random developer :) mainly working on graphics.