Who is the Cessna recording at Hawaii

Just wondering why you were there and why your recording

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Please do mention server, airport.

On Advanced, I saw it too in Hawaii. @ColonelJeff

Persons recording for many reason but if you did not do the goofy action you have nothing to worry about


i agree sir,popping spices


Saw him at EGBB a while back.

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wait at what time… it think I know

On the BA FNF. He was at the end of the runway.

i was tlaking ahout the cessna

Yes I saw him when I took off from HILO. shame as I messed up when moved from hold short to line up. Some reason my B767 decided to do a spin!

Did not have a good flight either as soon as got to my cruising height of FL320, Centre asked me to decide to FL190 ( still 180 no to go!!??) and also the home phone rang which I needed to answear so had to end the flight! Better luck later :-(

WHO was that filming Cessna?

I often see a very suspicious looking cessna parked at the end of runways as well. It puts me under a lot of pressure to get my takeoff just right. Who knows, he might send that takeoff tape to one of my future employers😰

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i usually am in a Cessna or cirrus on advanced at any region just to spot and wathc landings and takeoffs no videos here so dont worry


Don’t stand after the holding line and not on the grass



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i dont that ones not me i get permisiio from the advacned atc and i got next to the runwzy or infront of it and put my callsign at spotting so u know i was at phto earlier no one cared ;/

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It has come to my knowledge that madame is to be association with the female and sir is to be association with male so sorry to say I am a male

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Okay I can’t understand Your replay very Well, but just don’t stand in the grass, or after the holding line. Easy

I think I saw him on Singapore a few months ago.

Sorry I sound confusing I have a ifatc friend so when he is atc I sometimes spot at his airport.I use a small plane like a Cessna it cirruis and go on the side of the runway or infront(never on it).i always set my name to spotting when I do so pilots know that are inbound

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