Who is the best 747-8 pilot? @ KSFO- 180300ZSEP19

Let’s see who is the best at landing what is considered as one of the most hard aircraft to land in infinite flight!

Aircraft: B748 Cargolux livery

Route: KOAK to KSFO landing runway 19R

Time of departure: 2019-09-19T03:00:00Z
Server: Casual

Please follow me. I will be taking off and landing first


Flights between KOAK and KSFO are not permitted, those who do are subject to ghosting.

This is on casual

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That’s why it is on casual server

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I’ll come!

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Thanks @snoman

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What plane is that on your profile pic?

I can’t read ok 🥺


Everyone makes mistakes

Hey I can come! 8:00PM today west coast time right?

Also any specific livery you want us to use???

You are correct @Bravo59 it’s in 35 minutes


I put in Cargolux in the description ;)

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Look here it is

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My bad, kinda missed that.
BTW I will crush all of you…

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We will see…

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It’s the negus 747

Negus? Never heard of that.

One of ba’s centennial liveries

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That picture is when it landed in Austin in the wildflowers this spring