Who Is Sad That We Can't Get The "Iceland Air 100 Years" Livery

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Photo Link - TF-ISX | Boeing 757-3E7 | Icelandair | Alessandro Berti | JetPhotos

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First Thing Is Frist… What Is Iceland Air?

What Is Iceland Air?

Iceland Air Is A Low-Cost Airlines Based Out Of “Keflavík International Airport”

They Only Host Planes From Boeing! They Use…

Boeing 737-800 (MAX)

Boeing 737-900 (MAX)

Boeing 757-200 (Main Aircraft)

Boeing 757-300

Boeing 767-300

They Some Fact And Info On Iceland Air!

The Reason Why We Can’t Get The “Iceland Air 100 Years”

First, a lot of people think it because of copyright stuff. But it not, Infinite flight has said that they will only add the 757-200. And The “Iceland Air 100 Years” is on a 757-300, So That Why We Can’t Get This livery. BUT… They Could Add It Do the 757-200 They Will Add Soon! Infinite Flight LIke To Keep Real, So That will not happen mostly.

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The reason why we didn’t get it is because that livery is on the B757-300. Were only supposed to get the B757-200. I don’t think they’ll add this livery to the B757-200

Liveries were already selected before it went under development as well so it’s all finalized for this release. You can vote for the livery to support it in the future.

I understand it has more stripes than an adidas so it must be cool, but you’ve said the reason yourself just here:

And no, they don’t usually add special liveries, and especially ones which don’t exist on that aircraft type

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I love that livery… but yeah, first the 757-300 would have to be added, we only have the 757-200. Also, happy birthday! You share one with @ran!

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@MJP_27 Reading is still important 😉


LOL, It ON 757-300. Thanks For The Replys

I’m a little confused as to the point of the topic 😂

Am I supposed to show my sadness?

If yes, well, I am sad, but it would be understandable that it wouldn’t come as the developers had a little less time to work with. I do hope Hekla Aurora makes it in 20.2!

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Uhh. I read that

It Say That The “100 years” will not

Then don’t state the obvious, lol.

Alexa, delete the latter of the responses.


Okie. Will Do

Yes, currently, there is no #features request for it yet. If there were, i’d leave you opinion there rather then creating a whole topic.

You’re currently TL1, once you promote to TL2, you’ll be able to create a #features request for it.

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