Who is right in this situation? I want your opinion

Watch the entirety of the video and then let me know. Is the Are Lingus pilot right for holding for the weather, or is the controller right to be upset?
My thoughts after watching the video: The Aer Lingus plane held for weather in a high-stress New York airspace, while other departures were flying through the same cell. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Who do you think is right? Discuss in the comments.

  • Pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller

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Interesting. I hate arguments between ATC and pilots, but it happens.

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I say, the pilot can see outside and see whats in front of him. The ATCO cant!


Whelp. Thats how Aviation Works.



At the end of the day, the responsibility of the safety of the Aircraft comes down to the Pilots, the Pilots can swiftly decline instructions of an ATSU if they feel the safety of the Aircraft could be sabotaged.

Aviation, Navigate, Communicate.


@Erj145 @IFATC_Andrew opinions?

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The pilot is 100% right in most situations. Note the word “most”.

The ATC controller can’t see situations like the pilot can, in a lot of cases. Especially with weather, it could vary a lot from one spot to another.


The Captain is the FINAL authority for the safe operation of his/her aircraft. The pilot may see something others don’t, they may have specific company rules they’re following etc.

Work case scenario if the ATC is persistent trying to force them to do something they don’t want to, declare an emergency, disregard the ATC and do whatever is safe for the plane, passengers and crew. Settle it on the ground later.


I personally don’t think anyone is at fault in this situation. Both sides have an argument.

The Pilot: He can see out the window at what kind of weather is in the surrounding area and is also responsible for the safety of the aircraft and everyone on board.

The controller: He can see traffic in the surrounding area and what potential conflicts will arise in the near future. Also I get his point on the fact that New York airspace is very crowded and he can not vector people where ever he wants. Also being a controller in NY is pretty stressful…


Gotta side with the pilot here. Safety will always be the number one priority. Weather can be Very unpredictable. Can’t fault him for trying playing it safe.

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Ah! Good ol New York. You definitely need to bring you A game into that airspace in so many levels.

That said …

1st of all, impeccable job by the pilot on the radio keeping calm through the whole thing. He seems very calm in voice, but having been in a similar situation your mind is all over the place. High level of stress. Same goes for ATC.

2nd. The crew (ultimately the Cap) has the final say and request. ATC has to abide by it. Yeah, they can get pissed off, but let’s be honest, sitting in a chair looking at a radar vs in the actual weather are two different things. ATC knows this, but again it’s New York.

3rdly. I remember when I was young I would always tell my mom, "well, my friends are doing it, why can’t I? " And to that my mom would always respond, “if your friends jump off a bridge , will you jump?” Lol and it’s absolutely true here. 10 planes went through and maybe it wasn’t as bad, but you can see this front, and it’s not front! Some pilots are pretty ego driven, so they will punch through things they could’ve easily just gone around it.

Keep in mind weather moves fast or slow depending on the front. Radars in flight and on atc there is a lag. Some 30 seconds some as long as 3 mins. So what Aer Lingus was doing to be on the safe side. Why go through something that may produce and bad result. They have plenty not fuel, so do the right and safe thing.

ATC is wrong in this matter. The pilot handled it brilliantly! I wouldn’t be as nice. Lol

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I say pilot because when it comes down to it, its always the pilots call and the ATC should respect that and move him to a safe hold position.

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