Who is responsible for YYZ taxiways/gating

I would like to know who I can hold responsible for this?

Because it’s AWESOME 😂 I’m most impressed with the Terminal 3 satellite gating (A1D-A1A). Those gates are strictly used for Encore’s Q400s here in Toronto. The placement of the passenger path lines are perfect. It looks very legit. Works perfectly with the IF Q400. So. Thanks again.

Disclaimer. I’m not very active on the forums, so I’m hoping I posted this in the right place ;)


Lol. I laughed so hard. xD

That would be the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). There dedication to improving airports is much appreciated!

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Hey Justin,

I’m the editor who last worked at CYYZ (summer 2019). I appreciate your compliments on my work. We as the Airport Editing Team work hard to keep airports up to date and with the best editing techniques :)


That’s no problem. A “thank you”, even in a PM or In public, is really appreciated :)


I admire the work you do. Thanks 🙏 You guys do really well. The taxiways/apron lanes/gating etc are perfect in Toronto. I already spend most of my time at YYZ in reality, now I’m going home and doing it virtually too 😅😅😭😭


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