Who is part of a virtual airline?

Okay, have a nice day!

You’re offering money you say? 👀

That’ll be $100 to join in that case…


Yess thank you so.much I saw the list there are a lot of them truly helped alot😁

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don’t think about passing go and collecting 200

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Hhahahahaha I think I brought up an idea for the VA monthly fee hahah kidding free is fine with me

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If by BA you mean British Airways, here is British Airways Virtual Airlines’ official thread:

and website:


Imagine they could pay us to be pilots for them would be awsome😋

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Thank you so much who is part of BA virtual

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well that would be great so great i could pay off that -£10 debt i owe someone

shhhhh dont tell anyone

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Well, I’m the Deputy President of BAVA, and if you’re asking who else is a member - there are 286 other members in our slack group, so a few too many to list. If you’d like to find out more about British Airways Virtual, then our thread is a great place to start. If you still have questions after perusing that, there is, at the bottom, a number of listed ways for contacting us.



Hahaha it would help alot tho hahhaha imagine we do online breefings and set pay I followed almost all the virtuals on Instgram

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But IPP is of course also a wonderfull VA to join with lots of great events

Maybe it is even better!

RIP LOL im now thinking about that

Thank you Adam for coming back to me yeah im really intrested in joining I first have to get my grade 3 Back in 2 days after I had a over speading violation I was new to training but did alot of flying in A320 BA but I will send a PM for more questions if that would be okay thanks for all the help😁

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No problem, glad I could be of help to you!

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@Randriek look in the VA category. There are lots of VAs there. I recommend Southwest Virtual and VirtualBlue, both great VAs with good people.

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Im gonna check it out I just want to be part of a VA that espires pilots and is very heplfull and organized and professional and great team players😁

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The real question is who isn’t.

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